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    This web designer is from my area. He or she is offering a 20 page web site for 200 bucks. To me this is not fair to Web designers who value their work and charge 25 to 40 dollers or more an hr. I could see maybe 3-4 pages for 200 bucks but not 20.

    What are your thoughts on pricing? How do you come up with pricing your services?


    Well if their website says anything about the quality of work that they are doing…you shouldn’t be too worried.

    At some point people will realize they get what they pay for. Keep getting better at what you do and your customers will realize that they should come to you if they want quality – not a 20 page flash site from 1994.


    I’m far from worried about people like that. The way I see it, people will get a crap site through someone like that and then pay me to re-design it a few years from now, if that. ;) If you think about it, that person is creating some job security for us! :mrgreen:


    Yea, those types of designers live in every city. They can make things a little bit difficult, but I find simply explaining to the client the difference in services they will be receiving is massive.

    I love how he’s priced a flash banner ad the same as a full website.


    There are many of these people / companies around charging next to nothing for a lot of work, and as everyone else has said I wouldn’t be worried about it, his website is done in flash (which is a big off put to me straight away), but it isn’t visually pleasing.

    If you create quality websites, and your own portfolio website is top quality then you wont need to worry, as people would be more willing to work with you, and again as said above, in the long run if they get a rubbish website created, then they will look elsewhere for a new website e.g. us

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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