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    Hi chris,
    My name is jitendra. Web Designer from india. i read every article of ur site and love to watch all videos. This is a very inspirational and usful site for any new or experienced web designer or developer. Today i wanted to see this site on a cyber cafe which had slow internet connection so i decided to browse ur site with image disabled. then i amazed i can’t bcoz alt="some text" is on everything except the most important thing PAGES TAB . no alt text on menu tabs. but i ‘m exp. use so i was able to switch the tabs bcoz i already knows the postion and title. but i wasn’t expected this thin on ur site .

    so pls add the alt text on navigation tabs. so other people can use who need to browse without images.



    Ha Chris thats you told!

    To be fair thought; if you turned off the css you would have had more luck.



    also alt tags are not for background images

    add a transparent spacer gif and add an alt tag to it, but yeah like stated above just turn off css next time, simpler.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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