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  • # March 22, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    Controversial topic? Meh!

    “It’s just like stealing” YES!

    Do you know what else is just like stealing? …Adobe charges Australians 167% more for it’s software than you US guys,, how’s that for profit margins!

    Here is adobe’s response to it: “We’re acutely aware that we can only succeed if we deliver innovation,”. “If our customers believe they can get better value elsewhere, they simply won’t do business with us.”.

    If that’s not stealing, then I don’t know what is. I’m sure other countries are getting the same treatment, or even worse.

    I was lucky enough to be a student when I first received my legal copies of all my software. This is for all those poor freelancers who have to battle with ethics vs eating.

    In Australia it’s roughly $3175 to buy Adobe CS6 Design and Web Premium.
    Verses ‘merica’s: $US1899?

    Adobe’s suite is fantastic, and I would absolutely love to pay them for their incredible software and hard work so why are they making it so difficult…

    I would love to hear from those in other countries who are in the same boat, or some reasons for justifying it. /end morning rant

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