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    Instead of hijacking @chrisburton’s thread, I thought I’d just create a new one.


    I’ve got a question for you on Ghost themes… Can you please elaborate on what you think should be more robust? Are you missing having access to plugins or what? Are you having trouble themeing Ghost to look exactly like the sites they integrate into? Are you running Ghost on a subdirectory or subdomain? I’d really like to know, as I’m not super deep into Ghost themeing yet and I’m a little curious on how certain things are handled.

    As a theme developer, it’s super important to be able to deliver on “features”. But not every customer is going to want every feature enabled. That’s where theme options come into play and the need to have an admin area. At this point, this simply doesn’t exist for Ghost. Right now we’re having to write long instructions on where to edit code, add classes, etc, just to trigger features.

    Basic things like the lack proper static pages (not blog posts that have a silly check box), archives, categories, etc.

    They only just recently implemented tag pages.

    Right now we’re simply trying to port our Tumblr themes over and are required to make tons of compromises. Basically, all of our ported themes are just “light” versions of their Tumblr siblings.

    I’m looking forward to following the project and I hope it does well. I just hope they don’t get stuck on this Dashboard stuff for too long.


    Ok, I get what you’re saying. See, right now, I’m mostly trying to use Ghost for personal projects. So, my solution is to have hard-coded static pages on the main directory or domain. Then, I will have “dynamic” content, which will really only be for a blog on a subdirectory/subdomain. Now, this is fine because I personally do not need a CMS for most of my static pages. However, I can see how Ghost not handling this would be a problem for clients, as you don’t want them mucking around with any kind of code… ever.

    Thanks for elaborating on that. I think for my purposes, Ghost is probably the best answer. Although, I’m still keeping my eye on a few other solutions.


    Gotcha. That makes total sense. So, in order to theme Ghost… the best thing to do is model the new theme after Casper? Is that what you do? Or do you start building one from scratch?


    After a long day of mucking around with my VPS and local testing environment, I can now attempt this. I’m going to get Ghost installed locally, using my reconfigured LEMP setup and see what’s possible. I REALLY hope Ghost works out because the interface for writing blog posts if ****ing brilliant.


    For those who asked (@chrisburton)… here is a screenshot of the Ghost editor UI with the split screen view:

    , Don’t make fun of me. Yeah… I switched back to Cinnamon for a minute. I need a fresh install and some tweaks before I can run BSPWM full time. Mainly, I need Lemonboy’s bar to work.


    Is Ghost a CMS?


    No. It’s simply a blogging platform that you can integrate into your site.


    traq, Don’t make fun of me…

    Probably wouldn’t have even noticed, if you hadn’t mentioned it : )

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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