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    Attila Hajzer

    so i have run into a BUNCH of problems, over the past 2 months i have been limiting myself so much and there’s a quote saying limits help us become more creative with what is available to us. so with that in mind i have limited myself with website design, i have learned so much from it, I have just started using reset css files, and i gotta tell you I love it! sure its a little more loading time and takes a little while to kind of get used to but in the long run, it saves so much time! i was astonished when i started using them to know how much time it had cut out of the dev. process and actuially putting my layouts together, its made it a lot more Seamless and a lot less painful. Just wanted my introduction to thank Chris for this. He has done a Fantastic Job with his work, with a full time Job, then his side projects, Article writing, Screencasts, searching for (links of interest) and above all still replying to form posts.

    so ive run into a problem with wordpress, i have finally opened up my horizons to wordpress, and for starters, man this is confusing. ive watched all videos from chris about the wordpress designing and all, but really having a hard time, i tried using his examples to a re-design for my port folio and this is how it came out.. –

    Compared to:

    There’s a BIG difference.

    maybe i just dont know how to use it properly, or i need to find better ways of use. but i dont know , maybe its just me, and i need to learn more. the reason i wanted to start the wordpress thing was because i wanted to see if i could do it on my own personal portfolio before doing it on a clients website, just so its safe you know? but from original theme (of my website) compared to the wordpress re made one, the wordpress one is a lot uglyer. any suggestions?

    i was also wondering, is it considered stealing if you download a theme and use your own images for it? and also could you still sell a website for the same ammount with a theme / design you made with a pre-made wordpress theme?

    PS. i have gotten this error message about 4 times while writing this post.. anyone know why this is?

    FATAL ERROR IN: Gdn_Database.Connection();
    "An error occurred while attempting to connect to the database"
    SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (11)
    LOCATION: /var/www/vhosts/
    > 56: $this->_Connection = new PDO(strtolower($this->Engine) . ':' . $this->Dsn, $this->User, $this->Password, $this->ConnectionOptions);
    > 57: if($this->ConnectionOptions[1002])
    > 58: $this->Query($this->ConnectionOptions[1002]);
    > 59: } catch (Exception $ex) {
    >>> 60: trigger_error(ErrorMessage('An error occurred while attempting to connect to the database', $this->ClassName, 'Connection', $ex->getMessage()), E_USER_ERROR);
    > 61: }
    > 62: }
    > 63:
    > 64: return $this->_Connection;
    [/var/www/vhosts/] PHP::Gdn_ErrorHandler();
    [/var/www/vhosts/ 60] PHP::trigger_error();
    [/var/www/vhosts/ 224] Gdn_Database->Connection();
    [/var/www/vhosts/ 1584] Gdn_Database->Query();
    [/var/www/vhosts/ 639] Gdn_SQLDriver->Query();
    [/var/www/vhosts/ 262] Gdn_SQLDriver->Get();
    [/var/www/vhosts/ 234] UserModel->GetSession();
    [/var/www/vhosts/ 27] Gdn_Session->Start();
    [/var/www/vhosts/ 170] Gdn_Auth->StartAuthenticator();
    [/var/www/vhosts/ 28] PHP::require_once();

    – Attila Hajzer

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