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    I am working on a customized version of the WOW Slider (testing the possibilities it offers to developers). More exactly, it is a image slider designed to stretch over the entire viewport (of a laptop or desktop).

    Here is a Plunker with the slider’s code.

    The full-screen preview is here.

    I have a small piece of jQuery script that uses inline images as background images, to solve the problem of large images that go over the boundaries of the viewport:

    $('#wowslider-container ul').find('li').each(function() {
       var imgContainer = $(this),
        bkImg = imgContainer.find('img').attr('src');
        imgContainer.css("background-image", 'url("' + bkImg + '")');

    The problrm is that I have difficulties adding the blinds transition. Adding effect: "blinds" to the sliders set of option does not work.

    What shall I do?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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