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    @layouteditor – W3Schools is very unreliable in terms of the information it provides. It’s a for profit website who’s objective is to sell you stuff so it’s not unbiased as well as a resource.

    The site he linked ( is basically a derisory site that goes into detail about where W3Schools fails in terms of their explanations and points out how wrong it is.

    If you’re serious about getting into code, I would highly recommend TeamTreehouse – it costs money, but the quality is awesome in terms of the video tutorials and learning resources.

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    I think @yoyo is a bit of a troll…

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    > …w3schools? It looks descent.

    *descent*, lol. How apropos.

    > HTML vs. HTML5? Are these just different version of the same thing? So should I use the HTML5 template when I start my new project/create my file or should I just use HTML?

    [HTML5]( is the most recent HTML specification. Yes, you should be using it.

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    Photoshop for print work?

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