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    Hey fam,

    I have always wanted to blog, but I am wondering what the scope of one’s blog should be. Is there a limit? For example, if I am an aspiring designer/developer, and would like to blog about web stuff, can I also blog about my adventures as a musician, gamer, and as a parent also? AND include a portfolio? It seems weird to include a vast array of topics, but it also seems weird to have different sites, too.

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    It’s a tough combo to get right. I like how Garret Murray does it here:

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    If you do some basic market research, what you’ll find is that the internet is totally flooded with designer, developer, musician and gamer blogs.

    Usually, a successful blog starts off as a passion that evolves into something else. What typically sets people apart from others is their passion. There are hordes of people who want to make a successful blog that don’t have much interest in what they are actually blogging about. Those that have a passion for a specific area of design, who can help educate people, will ultimately do well imo.

    More often than not, the scope should be narrow (At least in my opinion). In order to be a compelling destination for people, you have to specialize so that the kinds of things you figure out are unique to you.

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    I completely agree with @JoshWhite. You will be overwhelmed if you try to blog about everything. You need to find what you are truly passionate about and create a blog around that. If your first thought is about making money, the passion will quickly fade when you realize how hard it is to get a successful blog off the ground.

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    Cool feedback, thanks everyone.

    Definitely not looking from a money perspective.

    I used to write video game reviews, and love gaming. I also make music, but I am not so much as passionate writing about it as much as I am making it. Web and tech is fascinating to me, as much as gaming. I guess a blog can evolve like anything else, yeah? Just trying to fit the pieces.

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