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    Thanks @Htmlmainiac

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    @htmlmainiac 80-120, what? Per hour or for the whole project?

    I would certainly pay more for that site, even if it lacks content.

    @supperman Why do you care what other people would price it at? You can determine your value without anyone else doing that for you.

    # December 12, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    @watson My point exactly! I wouldn’t pay a bunch of money for somebody’s site they simply built on a template that anyone can use. Also, I never stated that Google would rank a page differently based on its layout. I stated that they aren’t going to favor a site that shares the same exact theme and layout as a bunch of other websites on the internet. That’s what I stated. Once again I saw Matt Cutts say in a video on youtube, “your site should have an original design and original content.” I am simply reiterating what he stated. Its his words, not mine. As far as what attributes Google will actually rank a site for, who knows, since they don’t disclose most of them to anyone. There are several hundred factors they take into account when evaluating a website.

    And yes I do use absolute positioning to build my sites, and they work great. If you don’t like it, thats your problem.

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    @supperman You are thinking about this all wrong in my opinion. What you’re suggesting is either have someone make up a price or base your price on someone else’s calculated rates.

    At the end of the day, all your work has to balance out into some kind of revenue per hour. It’s not even about average income. What you really need to do is figure out what the rates look like in Slovenia per hour for technical/web/programming work, and try and be sensitive to your skill level. That’s the only way you can create a price that makes sense.

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    I can. But there is a market for everything and i dont know the market. For example: I sure know that if ill try to sell my 15 old Fiat Punto for 20.000€, no one is going to buy it, because I know the market and it wont allow it to sell this high.
    The problem is i dont know the markets price range for this kind of work.

    I dont do this project directly for the customer, but for a webdesign company as sub-worker (dont know the right word).

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    `If you create an original design of your own, Google will grade your site much higher than some template that 100,000 other websites use.`

    Not in so many words but you pretty much said that.

    `Also, I never stated that Google would rank a page differently based on its layout.`

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    @supperman Never give a price up front, but rather a range. A lot of time people will start wanting more and more after you’ve already begun the project, yet they don’t want to pay more. I stopped making websites for others years ago because people are too cheap, they want their sites for free! There’s better ways to make money online, like “cost per click” or affiliate ads.

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    Don’t try and charge what the market can bear. It may sound like a good idea and you might make a little extra money, but it does not work very well for a long term strategy, especially for individual contractors. When people see that you charge fairly, and it’s consistent, and they can trust your method of determining your pricing, you become more valuable as a partner to them. If you pick numbers out of the air because that’s what people can get for it, you lose credibility because you can never quite explain why you charge what you charge and it goes all over the map (don’t forget business owners talk to each other).

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    I charge 8€/hour for work. I think this is the cheapest rate.

    # December 12, 2012 at 7:02 pm

    That is incredibly low. Probably the lowest I’ve ever seen.

    # December 12, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Students here work for 6€/hour or less and for real programming!
    As i said, income is 1300$/month – that is in dollars.

    Lets say i make this site in a day and a half. That would be 12hours + 8€/h = 96€ (124$).

    # December 12, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    If you’re accepting clients, you’re in the professional area and that amount is low enough to only get those who want to pay $100 or less for a site. That won’t get you anywhere.

    If you’re wanting to learn how to interact with clients, do it for free for non-profit/charities.

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    True to some point. But I must start at something. Better than have lots of work and do it cheap and get live experience. Or have little to no work and have little to no live experience and just read blogs and do tutorials etc.

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    People in india do the same jobs Americans do for $9.00 an hour that otherwise would pay $25.00 an hour here. This is why all of our jobs are outsourced now and Americans can’t find jobs. Its also another reason I’m self employed, I can’t get laid off or fired. If your self employed you also get paid much more. I made $100.00 an hour repairing computers, who would pay that today? No one. If you repair PC’s at best buy you might make like $12.00 an hour. Pointless. Supperman has the right idea, regardless of how much he’s making, atleast he’s independent.

    # December 12, 2012 at 7:15 pm

    You don’t need clients to show you’re valuable. You can create your own products that generate income.

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