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    Hey…don’t believe me if you don’t want to.

    The Lodge is (at the moment) an area where Chris can show his Kickstarter contributors where their money went. It’s going to assume certain levels of familiarity with PS, HTML & CSS.

    I don’t consider it having intention to educate but if you feel the overwhelming desire to join then feel free.

    Of course, at the moment, there are only 9 videos from 150 and only 4 of them involve PS and those involve making coloured boxes.

    Chris may come back to it (and probably will) but just don’t complain that you weren’t advised when it doesn’t meet your needs. I jus feel that the other sites would suit you better and provide better value.

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    Well, you could watching a “Making Of” documentary of a movie, but that won’t necessarily teach you how to make a movie (though you might learn a thing or two).

    Chris’ screencasts are no tutorials — they will show you how this specific site was made, not necessarily how you have to make your site. It’s not a course, not a tutorial….it’s a look in Chris’ kitchen. Sure you’ll learn things from it, but don’t confuse “this is how you do this and that” with “this is an example of how you could do this and that“.

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    Thanks for the info. I am doing PS, HTML & CSS for more than 10 years, so no problem there. I believe what you say, but this means that the description of “The Lodge” ( is misleading. In that page it is referred to as a “course” with Chris as the “teacher”. It also says nothing that just 9 of the 150 videos are currently uploaded. On the contrary it says that registering would give you “Access to the entire video library”. I was planning to register for just 1 month and watch all videos (or all that I cared about). If Chris is going to upload those videos gradually then it should be made clear at the sign-up page.

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    Zoom I think you’re being a bit unreasonable the site has been live for 2 days and the videos are being added gradually. Additionally – it’s “Screencasting a Redesign” – so it’s learning how Chris made decisions, how he developed and designed the site and from that you can take anecdotal learning and ideas/inspiration.

    Other sites like Treehouse/Lynda are great because they are geared towards teaching you from the basics through to hardcore – Treehouse has tests/exams to ensure you learn what you need to.

    The Lodge for me is about getting an insight into how someone like Chris at the cutting edge of expertise and new techniques builds and develops a site in the hope that I can do the same for my clients.

    Sure the salesly language could be more clear when selling the lodge, but I think you seem to forget he’s one guy, not a legion of developers and teachers like Lynda & Treehouse. The fee is to support him in making more awesome videos and help him spend time sharing his knowledge to help you become better. Lynda/Treehouse are about paying for an outcome of results.

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    “The Lodge is a members only area with access to a screencast video series covering the complete redesign of this very website.”

    Absolutely nothing misleading about that at all. I agree that all of the videos should probably be posted, but I’m sure @chriscoyier is working on posting them as quick as he can.

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    I did not want to start a separate thread for this and make a mess here in forums :)

    I have 2 ideas, improvements for UX let’s say ;)

    Could you implement in THE LODGE a “Grid View” / “List View” button or so ?
    What you got there is like “Grid View”, all the text, links, bigger box.

    There are some videos I believe some of us will not watch more times so skipping those would be better.
    If we could see the list of videos (titles only perhaps) that would definitely help.
    As it would take less space and scanning / reading the list would be a lot easier and faster.

    And one more thing.

    The function … “Mark as Watched” / “Watched” … does not do much right now.

    In email we all have “Mark as read” so it hides the email, moves it to the bottom, changes color, etc.

    This could do some similar stuff, well not to hide it literally but for example “fade out” the colours or make the watched video less dominant.

    Hope you get me right in what I mean.

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    Mark as Read is already implemented in there. Good ideas on the other stuff. =)

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