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    Hey Everyone!

    New guy here hoping for a few reviews from those of you that have finished The Lodge training?

    I would say I’m average when it comes to HTML5/CSS3/Photoshop and looking to take my skills to the next level.

    I had an extreme problem in the beginning of trying to learn every language at once, so I’m trying to solely focus on HTML5/CSS3 – and one day hopefully become an expert. Then move on to Javascript/Jquery.



    The Lodge is not a training site _per se_.

    It’s a series of videos by @ChrisCoyier explaining the process, workflows and design decisions regarding redesigning (so far) a couple of websites.

    Yes, there is **a lot** of useful information in there but (IMO) it’s not aimed at teaching you least I don’t think that is it’s primary focus.

    By all means, I encourage you to subscribe and take a look but be aware of the above going in.


    Thanks @Paulie_D!

    Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have labeled it as “training”. I do know the basics plus more, so I don’t believe it should be to hard for me to follow.

    I’m more of a hands on learner and I like to see things built from beginning to end. I have tried quite a few training sites and feel like the majority of them teach you sections, but don’t put it all together. I’ve honestly learned more from @ChrisCoyier ‘s screencasts – his explanations and how he delivers his material, is just easy for me to comprehend.

    I plan on signing up for the Lodge here soon. More reviews and advice are welcomed.



    I am considering The Lodge, myself. I’m currently subscribed to I like it in many ways, but I also find it lacking in others. I tried a couple of the free lessons on codeschool and really liked the instant feedback on whether the code I entered was correct or not (for that part of the lesson).

    Can anyone tell me what’s worthwhile about The Lodge? Is it just a peek into the mind of Chris Coyier (as Paulie_D indicated above)? Is it something a person can learn from and acquire skill(s)? Chris seems to be saying so with his latest article, “Brand New Course in The Lodge: Learning jQuery From Scratch”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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