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    Thomas Ree Hjelm


    I’m not sure this is the right avenue for this, but maybe someone got some ideas while I wait for a response from the contact form I sent last night.

    I signed up for The Lodge last night with PayPal. Once the payment was done it took me back to the site and it looked like I was ready to watch content (it said something like “you probably want to get going…”). But when I came back to The Lodge it still had the “Sign up now” button. I’ve logged in many times now and it still don’t seem to recognize me.

    If I got to one of the videos it says I should try a cache flush and log in fresh. Done that, several times. Also tried Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer so far.

    I got both a “You sent a payment …” and a “You set up a payment profile … ” confirmation from PayPal, so the payment has gone through.

    Does it just take some time before it activates? I got no such indication during the sign up process, so I doubt it?

    Has anyone had similar issues? Any tips on what I can try while I wait?


    Chris Coyier

    I got you sorted out @thomasree – sorry about the trouble. If anyone else ever has any trouble at all with The Lodge, hit us up here and we’ll get you sorted out right away

    Thomas Ree Hjelm

    Aye it’s working for me now. Awesome, thanks Chris! That’s the rest of my evening planned :-)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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