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    hello ! i am having a problem w/ ie7 w/the anythingslider – the examples work on ie7, but, the video example will not change videos – is this actually a problem or is it windows vista (the computer i’m testing w/ie7on is vista) etc?

    it runs in the ie7 emulation mode of ie9, and other browsers including safari on mac.

    i love the slider but i have need for it functioning on ie7.

    i have done the slider example with the mode : “fade”, and infiniteSlides: false – with the trailing comma checked for. and it still will not change videos.

    i’d certainly appreciate some help on this.

    update: 2013 04 05 – the project’s video page is "" for the “externalNav” slider.


    []( “anythingslider vid example”)

    thanks for asking!

    in this forum in 2011 about this evidently it is the iframe communication – should i change to embed code?


    amazingly, tho i checked and thought i’d checked, there was an excess comma in my code! (for the externalNav version) – in ie7 the iframes don’t work, but you can use object/embed and it actually works. thankfully this slider works now that i have things spiffed up in all the browsers i’ve checked (ie8’s ie7 emulation, ie9’s ie7 emulation, ie7 on vista, safari on mac, and it works on iphone, chrome, firefox, and the later ie’s!)

    if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. my code for the externalNav:

    i had an extra comma after the onSlideInit ending brace! (“}”)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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