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    I wanna say thanks chris for your tutorial, I just found this site by accident, I’ve been out of design for a few years and when I came back, everything’s xhtml/css…I’m able to create a mock up in Photoshop and slice it into tables but I was searching online for a good tutorial on slicing from psd to xhtml/css…I’m glad I found your site.

    I looked at the first episode and I now understand a lot of things, thanks for hand coding it…I’ll be looking at the 2nd episode later and when I apply it to my design, I’ll be showing you, hope your site grows (is it new?).

    1 quick questions, why did you crop instead of slicing various elements? Oh another question what other tutorials do you have in mind, it’d be cool to have one on sliding menu using tabs video.

    BTW I found you by googling, css sliding door menu.

    All the Best

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    Your welcome :)

    I think cropping is easier if you just need a single image quick off your PSD, and slicing is easier if you need a large number of them. Both of them are equally accurate if you are using (and snapping to) guides.

    As far as upcoming videos, I am never really quite sure what I am going to do next, but I have started keeping a list of requests and ideas that pop into my head. I definitely need to do one soon on hacks and conditional stylesheets. I want to do one specifically on positioning. I had the idea yesterday to show off some of the cool features of Firebug and how it can really help your CSS development… Anyway, those are just a few, there are TONS to come :shock:

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    I never heard of firebug before but gonna download it now that I’ve seen you use it in one of your videos and to help people in debugging.

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    As far as I’m concerned, Firebug is absolutely essential for web development. I use Firebug and the Web Developer toolbar in conjunction, and it makes it 100 times easier and faster to debug than anything else out there I’ve tried. Highly recommended!

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