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    I have just about worked it out but now my h3 text and column text are bunched up.

    Text was all good before both columns were side by side and the header h3 was in one line also

    this is the only thing that’s stopping me don’t know how to fix it happens every time

    Was fine before but now all of a sudden not well so frustrating some times. when think have done it and then this happens


    mwb, things are getting too complicated here. This should really be a simple task. All the sections are the same with the exception of different widths on two. Style all the sections the same and then override the width for the two exceptions.

    I forked your pen from the other thread – look at how I reduced the html and how simple it is. I didn’t even use a single class; not that that is the best approach, but just shows you don’t need so many classes and nested elements.


    Thanks all never really done double columns and rows before can do singles and every thing else but this was out of the norm for me.


    Just seeing if I under stand this when a part means this footer section:nth-of-type(1),
    footer section:nth-of-type(5) the number 1 ie is a column??

    I see this way you can specify widths for certin columns. I think i should look in to nth-of-type more the make life easier.


    they represent the 1st and 5th sections in the footer. For greater browser depth, you may wish to class those individual sections instead, and style with the class rather than the pseudo class.


    So many simple and easy techniques out there now just finding out about. Going to get a trainee job as web devloper soon. Once able to recover from op in 8 months.

    Found A course where don’t have to pay for it up front and only pay when earn over 40k

    Work part time and have home business.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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