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    Hi to all.

    I have a website that show on desktop version text on the right or left of images; when the website is seen on mobile the text are showed divided as showed here:

    I want in mobile where the space is not enough the text are showed under the image. What CSS can I add?

    Thanks for the help.



    It’s very difficult to say without seeing the code.

    Maybe your image is floated to the left.
    In this case you may want to ìmg{float:none;}
    Alternatively you may do ìmg{width:100%;}

    If none of this is working please show the code. A very simple codepen would do.


    Tried but this seems to not fix the issue.
    The best way is to see the code. Sorry I did not include the link the website is


    We don’t need to see your whole codebase – all that extra HTML and CSS are distracting and the prospect of poking about in the developer console will put many people off even looking. It also hinders people who browse the forum on mobile who can’t get to a desktop computer. You are more likely to receive help quickly, and from more people, if you provide a reduced demo in CodePen because we can edit the sample there live in whatever device we happen to be browsing on. All we need are the very basics; just enough HTML and CSS to demo the problem.


    Code are created from the editor. I may be not able to provide a code on CodePen thanks anyway :)


    What editor you use shouldn’t matter; When you view your website, you can look at what’s in the browser, either via view source (right click) or the developer console (F12 in most browsers). Extract the pertinent parts from one of those and transfer the HTML/CSS to CodePen.


    Apparently, right-click is disabled on the site…so I’m even less inclined to dig further.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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