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    I’ve been using Sublime Text 3 (previously 2) for over 2 years now and have fallen in love with it. Using lots of hotkeys, multihighlighting, Emmet and all this fancy, productivity-boosting stuff.

    However, I’ve recently purchased Adobe CC membership which includes the new Edge family.
    I know that Edge Code is based on Brackets which is a powerful competitor to ST (I think, I’ve never had enough time to actually play with it), but is it worth shelving it for a week or two in order to ride Edge Code for a while? Even though I use Adobe CC for Photoshop/Illustrator mainly, it’s nice to know that I have an opportunity to check out Edge family and kinda want to try.

    So, again – if you are using/used Edge CC, is there any reason I should check it out or ST3 is simply superior? I mean Edge Code specifically, since I’d like to play with Reflow/Web Fonts/Animate anyways.

    Thanks in advance!


    I would love to hear anyone who has an opinion of Edge Coding versus ST2. I use ST2 and love it so I have no real reason to switch but also own CC and wonder if it is worth messing about with.


    No personal experience with Edge specifically, but this might interest you. This would be consistent with my experience with “web creation” software in general: a hindrance, not a help.


    Simple text editor FTW. ST2 or ST3 are both fine choices in that dept.


    I use Coda2 at work and ST3 at home, so I’m kind of all over the place. The inline-style changes in Edge looks pretty amazing, but the question I couldn’t seem to answer is how it might work with preprocessors. But I can see Edge being an up and comer.


    Edge is, for, as I see it, designers not developers.

    It provides easy access to prototyping of designs & effects but is. again IMO, nowhere near being a tools for developers (front or back end).

    Let’s not forget that Adobe still promote Dreamweaver as a text editor and that’s still a bloated nightmare.

    Brackets, from a code-writing perspective, something worth keeping an eye on though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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