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    Can someone recommend me some sort of app that allows me to test a site on a Iphone without going live and testing on my Iphone? Ive tried a couple iphoney and Iphone, both are rubbish..

    thanks for the help!


    Not for non-live site. If you are that concerned I would upload the site to a test domain or a sub domain off your main domain ( and test it there.


    Have you tried Protofluid(online tool)? It’s not probably any better than the ones you mentioned, but you are able to use firebug.


    You can download the iphone SDK, it’s a dmg install, so you would have to have a OSX operating system, here’s the link:

    You can use VMware or VirtualBox if you have an install of OSX to get the iphone SDK working. Or google “windows iphone SDK”, might be something there.

    After you get it, you’ll have the full emulator. It’s what I use to test websites on the iphone, though I literally have one sitting in front of me 24/7. lol


    Can anyone suggest a good iphone simulator for windows xp?


    Appreciate the help guys. I did what ScottF recommended and tested off a sub domain. only thing it gets a bit annoying when you have to FTP up a new file after modifying. Still worked out.

    CPL238 I will download the iPhone SDk when I get some bandwidth back….


    i use a mac based solution. Its simple.
    I create internet sharing, run webserver on my mac and put content which should be tested.

    Of course, you need make a few changes in httpd.conf to spread your data in correct format, but if this is only for test you can forget about making any changes in webserver configuration.

    IMO its good to have some virtuals – virtual domain where i can make many subdomains for versions.


    kinda weird:

    i can’t access my dev-site on my iPhone 5s (iOS 7)

    on my old iPad, running iOS 5.1.1 it works like a charm


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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