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    I have an online magazine that is formatted onscreen as an online magazine.

    A problem that we just discovered is that if a section of the magazine is linked in and people enter half way through, they don’t track back. What i want is a piece of code that will detect whether they came through one of our key entry points (begining of the magazine) and if not, drop down a little link to encourage them to go back to the start and read anything they missed!

    Anyone got any ideas or any scripts that already exist?

    Thanks guys


    You could query the ‘$_SERVER’ PHP variable to find out where they came from? If it is not the frontpage of your magazine AND have not come from another page of your site, display link?

    However, you could ideally have some breadcrumbs on EVERY page, regardless of where they came from.


    That is helpful, thanks! I am no JS expert, so that does need some explaining to me!

    The breadcrumbs idea does not really help as we are trying to keep the magazine look as core as possible – should explain it a little more!

    I found this jquery pugin: which looks cool and the cookie setting seems ALMOST as i need, but not quite…


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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