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    Hi I want to target the children of a parent div which has a class name ‘products’. I want to be able to write it in a conditional statement because I will be declaring some more options from it. Please see my code here

    $(function() {
         var child = $('#featured').children();

    I also tried this one but no good.



    That’s nice. A different kind of approach. Its working ;)
    But my problem now is I can’t get it to work with orbit (image slider) and I even tried jquery infinite carousel but does the same. I tried giving the children class names which I target to hide but the slider plugin still counts them in.

    any idea on this?


    Orbit 1.2.3

    I guess I’ll just go look for a less complicated slider or maybe make my own, I’ll just see some tutorials :)
    Badly need the option to hide some element for this as I will be doing some conditional statement with it.

    Thanks for the help @traq :)


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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