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    Ok I have a basic skill to code my own pages.

    My workflow is build the css and html layout by scratch. and then add content and edit it using Dreamweaver. This not only helps me, but the avg Joe Blo employee can also add his content in DW on my machine, hit save and it uploads to the site.

    I was put incharge of building our very small production companys website. The last guy was still using tables and it was a huge mess. They decided since I had a degree in Computer Graphics and Animation…I could build a website with my eyes closed….yea right. But I learned enough to get it done.

    I have to admit I kinda liked doing it and this site helped me so much. So now I have some time to start learning more advanced methods. On my freetime I lead/run a very small guild in World of Warcraft. I want to make a site from scratch that all of my members can hang out when they are not ingame.

    I have the design in mind but a few things are way over my head…

    I want an easy application process..Like a forum registration that will output into a final application that we all can read. The usual way is they copy all our questions we posted in a forum sticky and kinda answer them all sloppy under or beside the questions they copy/pasted from the sticky.

    Members only sign in.
    I see the login "snippit" on the front page, but what all has to be done to get an exclusive area.
    Videos, Chatroom, Forums, the Applications above will all go here. Like a VIP lounge..

    Forums, I read about people using PHB-BB but im kinda lost on how to set one up and embed it into my page.


    Check this Out by Chris. I don’t think that goes too deeply into installing it but it you do a Google search or check out the PHPBB forums as there is so much infomation out there for it. You will need a mySQL database to run PHPBB.
    Hope this helps


    Thanks for the link, that might solve that problem, I will start working on it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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