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    I installed Woocommerce and now editing each page and styling them as well. The pages have tables to display the products from the shop. My question now is, does it matter if I change the tables to divs? I find tables really confusing and annoying… It’s easier for me to code divs than tables. I read somewhere that tables take a little while to render or something like that…so is my decision to run with divs instead of tables a good idea?

    Thanks for your input :)


    I think you’ll find that the majority of shopping carts use tables (if we’re specifically talking about the cart page). It makes sense, too, you’ll have column headers of ‘Product’, ‘Quanitity’, ‘Price’ and possibly a few others.

    Changing it to divs is certainly within your power, but you might run into a few alignment issues.


    If it’s a list of products, keep it in a table. Sure, DIVs may be easier for you to work with, but the end result matters more I think, and this is a case of coding better vs. coding easier.

    Martin Duran

    I recently faced this very situation putting together a site in Lemonstand. As the cart page is filled dynamically, with tabular information, I decided to leave the tables. Anyhow, tables are still style-able. I also say go with tables.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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