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    I’m developing a website which looks fine in Firefox and Google Chrome. I have a table on my front page which works fine in those two browsers, but turns completely black when I open the page in IE or Opera. The table is not inside div tags, and it is not styled in my CSS. The only styling I did was add a background color to the table tags. Opera’s error console doesn’t find any errors.

    When I open it in IE or Opera the entire table turns black, and only when I select it can I see the letters, so I think the background color turns into black for some reason even though a gray background is declared in the table tags.


    table {
    background-color: #ddd;

    to the CSS does nothing.

    This looks banal, I know, but I’m fairly new to this so can someone help?


    I don’t have anywhere to upload it to at the moment, but the code is very straight-forward. The table is:

    Početak putaOdredište

    It’s all there is to the page, really.

    Removing the form tags does nothing by the way.


    The table is right there in the body tags, there’s nothing else on the page right now except for a title.


    Done, sorry. Disregard the unknown symbols, they’re Serbian letters, not the problem.


    Ah yes sorry, I had an error in my inline styling. As I assumed, very banal. Simply using style=”background: #ddd;” instead of bgColor=”#ddd” does the job. Thank you for your time. I’m still wondering though, why didn’t it work when I put the style in the CSS file.


    I had the same problem. Couldn’t figure it out until recently.
    Just changed #ddd to #dddddd solved the problem.



    Works perfectly

    Thanks a lot for the solution

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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