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    I have a client who is a contractor and he wants to have a page on his site that is just photos of his recent work.

    I showed him a flickr widget but he wants something that we can customize to fit into the site better and that is an entire page that he can update anytime he wants.

    any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance



    textpattern or wordpress site.

    id do textpattern bc its easier to configure imo.. but idk.

    look at if you fumble around his stuff you’ll find his image gallery thats flash i assume. there has to be an easy way to update that bc ive seen it other places too.

    Chris Coyier

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    I actually don’t know of anything that is a perfect solution for this. I know there are some photo-blogging specific applications that might do the trick, with (maybe?) less hassle than customizing WordPress for this.

    I’m actually looking into taking up a new project and this seems like a pretty promising idea…


    Maybe you could customize a Zenphoto-gallery? It’s free, fast (depends on server) and you can modify it to your needs (html output and css).


    I’m using Autoviewer on a site I’m developing. It uses an XML file to determine what images to load. Should work well for that. Both the free version and $40 version use the XML file, so you should be good either way (I think). Changing the filenames in the xml file should be pretty easy to teach to just about anybody… hopefully :)


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    If you know youre stuff it is very customizeable and if your client is anything like the Contractors I have done work for WordPress will be too much for them to deal with. Especially if its for just images.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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