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    Hi guys, i previously have no problems with css until this recent menu design that includes 4 levels of horizontal and vertical styles combines. I’ve tried using my previous 5 level horizontal or vertical menu systems but it doesn’t work. Many of the available menu systems in both dynamicdrive, and ajax couldn’t deliver the required result as well :(

    Can any one recommend a menu system that is able to combine both horizontal and vertical menu listing as one??

    Attach is the required menu output. I’ve uploaded the css created for your further viewing at:

    How it should work:
    Level1 – mouseover "About The Market", red bar change to blue and drop downs level2menu (if any)
    Level2 – mouseover "Governance", drop downs level3menu (if any)
    Level3 & 4 – level3 and 4 parent and child items are all listed out by default.

    I’m further coding this for a custom cms, so i’m trying to keep is as dynamic as possible.

    Further feedback on my css coding is greatly welcome, this is a css site after all!!



    to make this even challenging, the menu width have to be 100% fluid

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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