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    For structural/SEO purposes, I wish to insert


    tags in my home page at However, I want to retain the same (or as close as possible) styling currently used for the 2 elements that will now have header tags around them.
    At the upper left of the home page “:High Style Vintage Clothing & 18th Century Costume” is currently styled by:

    div.flft{float:left;height:74px;width:60%;font:bold 1.15em Verdana,Tahoma,Helvetica,sans-serif;position:relative;left:3em;color:#666666;}

    As you can see from the Page Source, the code is:

    High Style Vintage Clothing
    & 18th Century Costume

    After changing the code to reference the new rule, when I try

    h1.flft{float:left;height:74px;width:60%;font:bold 1.15em Verdana,Tahoma,Helvetica,sans-serif;position:relative;left:3em;color:#666666;}

    I get a totally different, unwanted look. How can I do the CSS rule to get as close as possible to the current styling but using an

    instead of


    I have the same question for the Search element down a bit on the page, where the code is:

    Search Vintage Textile.

    and the relevant styles:

     .srch{padding:.3em;margin:.4em 0 .6em 0;background-color:#F5EBD6;color:Black;font:bold 1.4em "Times New Roman",Times,serif;}{color:#00f;background-color:#F5EBD6;text-decoration:none;font:1.4em;}{color:#00f;background-color:#F5EBD6;text-decoration:none;}

    Thanks in advance to you experts!



    High Style Vintage Clothing
    & 18th Century Costume

    Needs to change to:

    High Style Vintage Clothing
    & 18th Century Costume

    Note that the paragraph tag is also gone.

    Since h1 elements are actually displayed as block elements, they can be styled exactly the same as a div, so your CSS should work just fine.


    And don’t forget to apply any styles you had for

    tags to the new header tag.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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