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    Hey guys. I have, maybe a stupid question. Do you know if in Sublime text it is possible to create a snippet with a tab trigger + a variable which will pass in to the actual snippet?

    Something like this:

    Hello, ${1:} is a snippet.

    hello ${1:}

    And when I will type hello foo, the snippet will output

    Hello, foo is a snippet.

    Without me to have to type anything in the code the snippet will output.

    I just want to have something like tab trigger + var = the code snippet and were it has ${1:} it will be replace automatically with the var in the trigger?

    I know it sounds stupid. I’m just wondering. Thanks a loot.


    It’s not currently possible to do this, but there are some variables that are available to you to use in a snippet, such as $SELECTION being the text that was selected when the snippet was triggered.

    You can use you own, but I usually find that the default ones are apt.

    You can find full details [here](”).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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