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    I need to style the WP (v2.6.3) calendar to fit my site layout.

    Examining page source, I find these two tags:
    <table id="wp-calendar">
    <td class="pad">

    But these don’t go deep enough into the calendar to allow complete styling.

    I understand that some of these functions are set in "include" functions, but I’m not sure which, if any, would allow users to edit the calendar style.

    Can anyone help here?


    I just wish I knew how to make the cells background fully fill in with colour if the cell has a link

    This is excellent, ikthius. Thanks very much.

    The MW-Style Calendar plugin adds a "posts" class that styles the cells of any dates that contain posts. I’m not sure whether you’re currently using a Calendar plugin or not, but this may do the trick for you: … endar.html


    ikthius, check your calendar in IE, if you haven’t already. Beyond the fact that IE squeezes the thing like an accordion (width styling may help with this), IE also ignores the tbody>tr>td styling.

    As you can see, that means no width, height, text-align or border.

    I used a simple td style and that works for the calendar body, but it also screws up the footer, leaving what appears to be a 1px box around the middle cell.

    At the moment, the thing just doesn’t display well in IE.

    Any thoughts on how we can fix it?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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