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    Hi all

    I’m trying to style an unvisted link in my text, but I can’t get it to change from the default purple text with underline.

    Here’s the link css…

    a:link {
    font-family: "museo-sans-rounded",sans-serif;
    font-style: normal;

    Here’s the complete html and css…

    Steve Deer

    My bloody review! This is the 2011 Performance Review of Steve Deer; Art Director and Designer at McCann Manchester.

    List your main achievements over the past twelve months.

    Over the past twelve months I have had a fine art photo achieve "People's Choice Winner" in the Canon Professional Network photography competition.

    The same image achieved a "Highly Commended" in Landscape Photographer of the Year 2011, published in the book, and exhibited at the National Gallery in London.

    I have published a personal project in the form of a 24 page newspaper "Unposed", a collection of unposed street photography.

    Also, I have advanced much further digitally, particularly in web development... CSS, HTML and jQuery. I have coded and launched my own web site showcasing my photography, and set up another site for experimenting with web typography and Javascript (

    I have no achievements to speak of with regard to my position as a senior art director on the Aldi account.

    What areas could you improve on
    to be even better at what you do?

    The inefficient way at which we work on the Aldi account needs to improve for me to become better at what I do. There is too much disinformation, repetitive updates, amends and changes. We need to start at getting the brief right and signed off!

    What support would you need to achieve this
    improvement (coaching, training, technology etc).

    As above, I don't need any training. The system needs to improve. Hopefully the ALLY initiative will help.

    What else would you like to discuss at your review?
    (Career progression, objectives, development etc).

    Career progression: I don't expect to progress any further in my career within the agency.

    Objectives: My objectives are to work across all media, all delivery platforms and across all disciplines. I have always been an 'all rounder', but I don't expect to achieve this at McCann as people are quickly 'pigeon-holed'.

    Training and development: All my training is undertaken on my own initiative, in my own time, and payed for by myself. I see it as 'investing in my own future'. I have never had any help or support from the agency, even though I have listed my training requirements in all previous Performance Reviews, but they have never been acted upon.

    Do you have any feedback for your manager
    or the Agency in general?

    Things have improved greatly since Carol came on board, but there is still a long way to go in terms of improving the way we work.

    This online Performance Review has been brought to you via The digital development space and CSS playground of Steve Deer. Headline: 80pt on 100pt Museo Sans Rounded Extra Bold. Subhead: 20pt on 35pt Museo Sans Rounded Extra Bold. Body copy: 20pt on 25pt Museo Sans Rounded Light. Credits: 8pt on 12pt New Courier, Monaco or Monospace (browser and platform dependent). No greasy, hoody, anorak type techie geek git was consulted or harmed during the development of this page!


    cheers senff… updated. nearly there, but my link text is still purple for some reason!?


    That’s because you didn’t specifically only styled the “regular” link status (a:link), which will not apply to the “visited” status (a:visited). You can fix that by doing this:

    a:link {
    // all your regular (NOT visited) link styles go here

    a:visited {
    // all your styles for VISITED links go here

    Or you can style all types of links (not visited, visited, hover, active) at once by just using:

    a {
    // all your link styles go here
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