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    Hello Everyone, Im currently a student and decided to finaly put a site on a server to present my work , let me know what you think

    The Blue Cone

    Let me know what you think, give me suggestions for improvements please :D


    First off, congrats on getting your stuff up live :)

    I like your header design and navigation alot!

    I’m on a 1440×900 res, and your left hand content and right hand content have a GREAT deal of space in between them, that makes it looks really unbalanced. Plus when you resize (I changed my browser window to 1024×768 first) and your 4 ad images mush into your left content. When you resize it to 800×600 it’s even worse. Also when you resize the window in IE7 anything under 1100/1200 is broken and you can’t even see the left content. I don’t have IE6 to test on with the computer so I can’t help you with that.

    Also, I’m not really too keen about the blue font colors on top of the gray background. I’d actually totally lose the gray background for your main content (keep it on your page headers), take the blue darker (perhaps to match the dark blue in your header graphic) for the main font.

    Also, like on your "about" page I’d add some type of bullets to your lists.

    Actually looking at your code I see that ever p has a class assigned to it, and every class seems to be named "style19", "style23" etc. That looks like some dreamweaver code ;) Because of that you seem to have a lot of extra mark up. You can just define one class to cover all those html elements.

    You’re coming along great though, getting your cross browser compatibility down, resolution down and stuff and it’ll be look really good.


    Thank you very much for giving me a truthful in-depth reply, i have used dreamweaver for a lot of the CSS part of my website . Think ill strip out a lot of it and tidy it up.

    About the resolution and cross browser compatibility , i think i need some help with that.
    Can you recommend any good sources / books , etc that would be able to help me out here?

    Thanks again for the honest opinion =]


    Not too bad, I like the header graphics and such, looks nice on top, the navigation looked pretty good too.

    I know your website is blue themed but I would really avoid blue as regular body text, reason? Because that blue has been used for years and years to symbolize links and I find it very confusing when I look at the web page to find the actual content, after a little while I got what was going on but it was rather a hassle. Another problem with your plain blue color as body text is that it’s brighter and sticks out more than you titles do which naturally makes it harder to navigate your website. So I would do one of two things, Make the body text totally black(the option I would recommend) or a very dark (darker then your headers at least).

    thats my main complaint, really it looks pretty good.


    I did notice that you blog and rss links go white on hover which may freak some folks out, and I do agree on the text as well. Just my .02 worth.

    "al_m473" wrote:
    why is the content below the sidebar material?
    at least it is on my PC, IE7


    Im guessing your viewing on a 800×600 screen , im having some cross browser compatibility , and resolution problems which im trying to sort, but like i said this is my first website so its a working progress to try and perfect it.

    Thanks for the responses though , keep them coming.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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