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    i have an old site which was using jquery 1.8.3 but then i have to use latest datatables and plugins so upgraded…. to JQuery 1.10 and after getting everything worked up i am stuck at a simple onclick toggler :(

    and i really do not know how to replicate the process in codepen as a lot af things are changed and it is basically conflicts that are causing it.

    i think a live view would help someone so
    ID: btest
    PASS: btest

    just for the time bieng

    EDIT: Idiotically missed the question part :P

    In the header where user info is there next to logout button… there are two buttons and another dropdown list that should come down on click.!EhBFlRKT!UMhSl-RbwpZoGOCTRuIA04hMAYZKrIlQWK6ZI3Qn-2s

    link to my core.js file


    some one please help :( @Paulie_D @traq


    I am not in favour of inspecting live sites for JS issues and even less likely when I have to log in to do so.

    A reduced case in Codepen would be more likely to get traction.

    Alan C

    You could try using the JQuery migrate plugin. However much like Paulie_D said, without an example on a testing site such as Codepen fixing the issue becomes much more difficult.


    ok i will try to make a pen!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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