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    I need the video on my site to stretch and contract to the screen size or as small as a cell phone screen. I’m always going to use the header on all the pages on all my sites. I’ll either have a photo, video, background image or rss feed underneath. Like google web search engine. I just need everything to always resize…

    Here’s the how to example I can’t get work…

    streachable video i’m talking about

    Here’s my site I can’t get to work…


    I made a youtube player script which farms a log file for youtube videos a while ago. I had your issue.

    Stop using object as a way to embed the youtube, there is a new way.
    Examine the code below, the ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ is the video ID.

    I hope that helps, that will fit to the screen, just change the body margins to center it or make it smaller. Look at the css and html on the script I made if you’re stuck.

    #Edit: If It says no data received it’s a transmission error with some browsers, just hit F5 and it will load. (thats for my site, not the suggested youtube embed code)


    thanks for the tip mr. stagger. It works perfectly inside the div.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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