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    In the last three days i have been editing a joomla website css files. In two, three hours (or more) later, everything gets back like i have never edited those css classes.
    I have deleted cache as well all the time.
    How is this possible?


    hmmmm, are you editing a compiled CSS file? If so, it may be that the system is re-compiling (after a deleted cache) and reverting back to the previous/default theme CSS.

    Have a look in your template folder for a ‘less’ folder. Inside will be lots of .less files for various aspects of the Joomla framework (menu.less, template.less, extensions.less, etc.,). If you edit those instead, then delete the cache, the CSS will recompile with your edits.

    Alternatively, you could create a custom stylesheet with your custom styles/overrides inside instead. From memory, and depending what template and which version of Joomla you’re using, you can name your custom CSS file ‘xxxx-custom.css’ (xxxx being the same name as the template/theme folder), and then upload it to the ‘templates/xxxx/css/’ folder. Another way is with a ‘custom.less’ file (inside the ‘less’ folder) where you can put your edits as well.


    Thank you. There was a “less” folder as you described. (and the files.css aren’t compiled ) Thank you so much for your assistance.
    Have a nice day !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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