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    Hi I have found some strange behaviour with border colors on the site I am working on.

    It seems using border shorthand without a color causes the browser to ignore a previously set border-color, instead overriding to a text color or browser default.

    See this codepen

    Am I doing something wrong with the shorthand? Is this intended

    In my site I would like to set the border-color seperate as this value will be shared with many objects. Should I just use the ‘longhand’ width and style?


    That’s the default behaviour

    A value which is not specified is set to its initial value. That sounds anecdotal, but it really means that it overrides previously set values. Therefore:

    background-color: red;
    background: url(images/bg.gif) no-repeat top right;

    will not set the color of the background to red but to background-color’s default, transparent, as the second rule has precedence.


    Hmm that is kinda odd and unlike any other CSS behaviour I understand. I guess it’s handy when using backgrounds and similar.

    Shame there is no ‘unspecified’ or ‘pass’ value you can enter to maintain previously set longhand. That would be useful for other cases too, like setting only left+right padding in one line (something like padding: pass 20px )

    Thanks for the reply.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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