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    how do you start making a blog. I know that so many people ask this, but I would love for some advice from you guys what the best practices are.

    im re-designing my portfolio and having the main pages and then in the navigation a ‘Blog’ link, and it having a different layout. which i have going well but I was wondering how am i going to be able to create posts and publish posts and all. without using WordPress. I have a bit of knowledge of php. and unfortunately even less with SQL. I’ll be glad to do my own research on how things are done. But would appreciate guides.

    and the reason I haven’t gone out and tried a bunch of the stuff is because a lot of tutorials only do parts. Then when you look up the next part, they have conflicting directions / orders. You know what I mean?

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    Is there a reason why you don’t want to use a ready-made blog system like WordPress?

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    I want to learn PHP well. and ive done wordpress a few times. but i couldn’t for the life of me customize it properly, and have the blog in one seperate section of the website as well as with the layout seperate from the blog layout. so i figure that maybe it would be better if i mad my own small blog system.

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    and ive also run out of sql tables on my host. i dont want to go to a new host and dont have a credit card because im still looking for a job…

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    So if you’ve run out of SQL tables, how do you expect to store the blog on the server?!

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    Writing your own CMS is a noble effort, just not one that I really see any need for.

    WordPress, to me, is what you’re going to want to learn (especially if you’re looking for jobs). I’m not a PHP expert by any means, but I’ve learned nearly everything I know about the language from dealing with WordPress. Don’t mean to shove it down your throat, but it really would be beneficial for you to learn in the long run.

    As far as writing your own goes, there are lots of tutorials out there that talk about creating a simple blog. If the free ones that you find aren’t doing it, you might just have to cough up some money for some better quality ones.

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    since you’ve given the idea of me working out my problems with wordpress, how can i get the blog only on the blog page. every time ive tried using it when id go onto the home page it would show all posits, whether i had customized menu or not!

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    You could start here…WPTuts+

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    This is what I have so far for my website, portfolio / blog. just so you can get a glimpse of what im trying to say.

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    Create a page in WordPress called ‘Home’. In Settings -> Reading, make the home page a static page and select ‘Home’.

    Then, in your theme’s directory, create front-page.php – your newly created page called ‘Home’ will use this template.

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    Personally, I am in the same boat. I don’t want to use any CMS out there currently. I much rather program my own. You can learn much more by doing it yourself instead of trying to do it with one that is already built. I can streamline it to my needs and not have a whole bunch of overhead. Plus when you program something with just yourself in mind, it is not that difficult.

    Another advantage is instead of learning ‘WordPress’ you can learn ‘PHP’ and ‘MySQL’ which I believe is much more valuable than learning ‘WordPress.’ Sure learning ‘WordPress’ will help you but you have to ask the question: would you rather rely on a program someone else built or would you prefer going into any situation and being able to do anything?

    That is my opinion.

    If you would like help building one, I would be happy to help.

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    like i know wordpress , but not super well. i know how to get around php but not as much as id like, sure wordpress can teach me more, bue i believe it would be benificial to do both, LEARN wordpress, as well PHP.

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    @djpic – it depends on what your goals are. I get my work from clients, not myself. What do clients want? An easy to use CMS. To me, that’s WordPress. I’ve made it my specialization and it’s how I get work.

    In my opinion, you should be learning how to develop WordPress themes and you should also be learning PHP, because at the end of the day they’ll go hand in hand.

    # September 2, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    I am not saying it is a bad idea to learn ‘WordPress.’ I installed it once but that was the extent as I had other projects to do. It is in my list to play with as it will make it easy to solve those “can you make a web site for me?” requests. But most of my work is web applications. Things like custom payroll systems that integrate into legacy system (IBM iSeries), point of sales systems, financial packages, inventory systems, etc. So I guess it depends on your goal. Either just be able to throw a site together and make a quick buck, or build something that will save a company millions? Without a full working knowledge of PHP (and the other languages), doing the latter would be impossible.

    lol, anyways, off my soapbox I guess you can call it. Like @TheDoc said, go for both. I am just trying to say, if you want to master PHP, the quickest path is to just jump into it and build your own CMS (which is how ‘WordPress’ got started anyways). It will take longer of course, but what you will gain in knowledge would be priceless.

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    Thank you Everybody!

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