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    Im working on a wordpress website and have used the starkers theme as a page reset. I’ve got to the point of styling the search box and watching the CSS-Tricks screencast ‘Designing for WordPress’ Chris uses the ‘searchform.php’ to hook the css but on the starkers theme version 2.8 I can’t find any ‘searchform.php’ file? I can find the php get function ‘<?php get_search_form(); ?>’ but I can’t find what it is getting?? Help! In all the other themes I have looked at a ‘searchform.php’ is included!

    Also is there any way using Coda or Firebug you can follow ‘php get’ functions to easily see where they are linking to??

    Any help on the subject much appreciated.

    # October 12, 2009 at 7:10 am

    That’s just strange thing about that get_search_form function, if it doesn’t find a searchform.php file, it just creates a form from thin air and uses that. What I’ve done is just let it do that, then firebug in and copy and paste the code it creates. Then paste that code into a new searchform.php file and then alter it from there. That function will then begin using the new code from that file.

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    OK so you make your own get_search_form.php, guess you could also copy one from another basic theme. Thanks Chris

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