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    experienced developers will have fewer complaints about various providers… simply because they don’t rely on their tech support as heavily.

    I would rather not deal with tech support ever… but unfortunately, there’s only one way to get an ECDSA key fingerprint… and that’s to run this:

    ssh-keygen -l -f /etc/ssh/

    …From the console, which Hostmonster won’t give you access too. You could do it via SSH… but that would defeat the purpose, since you should verify the fingerprint before connecting! But… YOLO right?! (Just kidding, don’t do that.)

    I tried and tried and tried to explain this tech support and they didn’t want to listen. They seemed to be thinking “We’re not going to run some random bash command!” The problem is… if you’re a Linux admin and you don’t know what that command does… you should probably be fired.

    And that’s the problem… you probably know more than the people that work there. So, just get a VPS.


    I’ve been with Ramnode for almost a year now with an unmanaged VPS. I would agree it’s far better than shared hosting. Especially when you can put your website in Dropbox and have it sync to your VPS. It also acts as a backup system. Although, if I was a full-time developer I would rely on Git.


    Although, if I was a full-time developer I would rely on Git.

    Atta boy. I’m glad to hear you are at least imagining life with Git… even if it is in some far-off hypothetical scenario that will never happen.


    Although, if I was a full-time developer I would rely on Git.

    Alright, alright, we’ll stop nagging you about it..

    : )





    No, I definitely care, it’s that I’ve been away as stated in my OP. I just got back and a day earlier than expected but am bushed. Will read over all the posts and respond in depth tomorrow.

    I’m reading all the past posts, and the posts in this thread, to get an idea what the best way for me to go is.

    Thanks to all who have responded.

    Steven Morgan

    I bounced around quite a few companies starting off. I have been very happy with MediaTemple so far. Great customer support, scalability, and the pricing is fair.


    …the pricing is fair.

    As far as a VPS goes, look at Media Temple’s price:


    Now look at Digital Ocean:


    Same exact thing… 3x the price.

    Oh you want a control panel?

    Media Temple will charge you another $20/month for that:



    Greetings All,

    I’m wondering if a VPS is a bit more than I need and extra expense without the justification for what I need?

    I’ve had a site dealing with Steamships for 16 years and thought about not having a site anymore a few years ago because I’m known to the point a site did little for me. I have entered a new realm of establishing museums, expanded my role as a consultant, and am engaged in other projects that are again requiring my having a “web presence” even though a couple of these projects will be partnerships and we will be setting up other websites.

    I didn’t keep up to date on web design coding and, as many of you know, I came here to learn CSS because the old way of doing things made an updated site limited in ability and slow loading. To make matter worse, I found that my host company that I had been with since the beginning had left me on an outdated server that only supports PHP 4.4.8 which caused problems creating a new site using PHP and CSS. After much bellyaching I was promised the server would be upgraded to allow me to update my site, and things improved until a few weeks ago when problems arose again. After more bellyaching I learned that the “fix” was only temporary and that I could sign up for a new server for only $9.95/mo which I should have been notified of about six years ago! Instead I’ve been paying $24.95/mo for what amounts to a hammer, chisel, and stone tablets.

    What I presently need (I think) is:

    Easy to use control panel that allows me to manage the site and access & send email (I hate pop accounts IE, etc and prefer doing everything from accessing email direct).

    Storage for extensive graphics use, multimedia, and perhaps a forum.

    Online store.

    Multiple domains

    I really appreciate everyone’s input and would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on the above. I hope the added information is of help.

    Best Regards.



    If that’s all you really need, go with Stablehost.

    might be able to give you a coupon.



    I tried signing up with them and after waiting about a week and a half I gave up because they didn’t process my credit card info and blamed my bank even though Stablehost put a hold for the package fee on my card 5 times. I was surprised as they come highly recommended.


    I actually like Stablehost as a shared hosting company. The only reason I moved was because I needed a VPS to install Dropbox. I did design work for them as well. Nice people.

    I would give it another shot.


    Greetings Chris,

    I took your advice and contacted Stablehost again. I submitted my Credit Card information anew and everything went through without a hitch! I really appreciate all who gave input here. I looked at all of the suggestions and some were a bit more than I need at this point. Stablehost just seemed right from the start and every other place I looked just didn’t seem right with my gut instinct. There was no other reason than that in many cases, but I’ve lived long enough to know when to trust my gut instinct. I was in limbo after my initial difficulty with Stablehost and really didn’t know what else to do other than keep searching, but again nothing felt right.

    Chris, thank you for suggesting I give it another try!!

    Best regards to all!


    @michael1961 Just saw this. Glad I could help and that everything went smooth.

    And thanks to @TheDoc for chiming in to offer a discount code.

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