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  • Anonymous
    # December 17, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    I now have a large file large in CSS Now I want to change some of its stuff, I find it difficult to find any change in the CSS file.

    All I really want it to do is to

    – Set the standard font, Arial, size 8, Color Answer:
    – Establishment of normal ties Arial, size 8, bold, color 2
    – Set up when the mouse to the link, Arial, size 8, bold, color Long
    – Set the visited link, Arial, size 8, bold, color Long

    This should not be too difficult to do, but I do not have time to go all the CSS stuff. Even if I do so, I might not find how to do that. Someone can help me, make me? I can fill in their own color, if I want to change something later, I will atleast know where and how to do it.

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