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    When I made this site it was my very first attempt at a Worpress theme. I was going for something simple and refined – naturally, in the vein of Ron Burgundy I thought of leather bound books and decided to create my own leather wallpaper using a series of filters in Photoshop based on the mosaic filter. It came out okay I guess, but the more I look at it the more it looks like a dried up desert than it does a piece of leather.

    I’ve always struggled with backgrounds in my personal designs … I was wondering if any of you might have some creative ideas for a background that would go well with the site. I’ll admit, I’m a web designer first and a graphic designer … third. Any input or ideas?



    When I loaded your site, I thought, this is great!

    And then your background image loaded…and it ruined everything.

    Here is one I found:

    Personally, I think leather is a little bit difficult, especially fullscreen. Why not try wood? It’s a little “done a thousand times before” but it looks good…



    Definitely a bit busy for the background.

    Don’t want your users to be looking at the background!


    Right outside the white of this comment background, there is a lighter shade of gray, almost silver. Use that with a pattern, set the pattern opacity to roughly 5%.


    Yes, it looks to be #eee. Here is an example of a slight gray background with a pattern at 2% opacity.


    haha better!

    I would make the header a little more prominent though – I feel like it’s missing some important branding.


    Tanner, just an observation, but you see the cut on large monitors from your nice looking background to the actual body color of the document. Changing the body color will do.


    I suppose I’m more thinking about the text you have for your name. I did something up here to give you an idea of what I was thinking:

    I did a few things:

    1. Obviously, I update the text on the header to give it a little bit of a modern feel
    2. I added the twitter wraparound banner in the corner. I think it’s unintrusive but eye-catching at the same time. Free corner PSD –
    3. I updated the headers used in the content area – that’s sort of just personal preference. The font I used is a Google webfont which can be used/found here:
    4. I added a radial gradient to the background. A very simple and minor gradient can add great flavour to a background!

    Any questions just let me know!


    It’s a font called ‘Rage Italic’. Your name is in Myriad Web Pro with a slight gradient, stroke and dropshadow.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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