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    Hello there!!!

    I am a beginner actually.
    I do know HTML and CSS at a moderate level. But i want to rise to a higher level.
    Such as-
    Wordpress,Drupal Themes designing.
    Professional website designing.

    Now, my questions are:

    1. How can i easily learn designing for wordpress and drupal?
    2. what things matter when designing a pro-level template?
    3. how can i easily learn scripting?
    4. are there any screen-casts for wordpress/drupal theme designing?
    5. what things make a design pro-level?
    6. what are the most ideal fonts for designing?
    7. Suppose, i know it all and want to start working. Where and how do i start?
    8. can someone direct me to a multi-page template, free of course so i can learn better?

    Thanks all!!!
    Really appreciate what you’re doing here.


    6. Depends on the direction of the design. Make sure when selecting typefaces that they’re optimized for the web.

    7. Don’t rush. Learn before accepting clients. This is not something you’ll be able to grasp in a month, it takes time. Create a portfolio on the web to showcase your strengths.


    Thanks for the reply.
    Ya you are right. Rushing things only make them worse.
    I can wait tho :D no hurry :D
    Just wanna be redirected towards the right path :-?


    how about wordpress and drupal designs?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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