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    I’m trying to get everything on my site to resize dynamically, including my youtube videos and some other embeds, so my question to you is:

    I have some basic knowledge of jquery and such, kind of, learn as I need it. I think I’m following the GitHub example accordingly, am i missing something?

    1 – How come my 1st youtube embed isn’t resizing properly? (i would like it to fit 100% without the other borders around it) (I’m aware i can remove the borders, but I’m just trying to get the thing working and something is not connecting for it to work)

    2 – Is it possible once i get this working to use it on my embeds?

    Link to the test page:

    FitVids.js Github that I’m using for reference:

    Thank you for your contributions!
    Any assistance is greatly appreciated,

    Mr. Andrea Mele


    I can’t really test/see a great deal via iPhone but from what I can see, you’re linking to 2 jQuery libraries, and one is after the FitVid plugin in the source code;

    1. You should link to only ONE jQuery library
    2. All jQuery plugins and initialisations should come AFTER the jQuery library

    BUT, I have to say that I find the idea of using a jQuery plugin (or any JavaScript for that matter) for doing something that can easily be achieved with a few lines of CSS, a bit unnecessary. Have you tried doing it the CSS way?

    One other thing – I’m viewing on mobile, and your website isnt responsive, so I guess I’m not seeing the point of you worrying about fluid width videos. Maybe you could elaborate on that though?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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