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    Hey.. looking for some feedback on a few sites I did recently. Figured I’d get them all out in one post.

    Hit me!


    I like there simple structure, there isn’t any learning involved just to find your way around them like some websites, the navigation is clear and consistent.

    One thing though, and this is probably just me but you have used a lot of glows, bevels and emboss around the sites, I think they should be used a bit more sparingly these days, but like I said that’s just me :)


    thanks for the replies! I would agree with both of you, probably could be scaled back a little on the shadowing and such. I did that with the site (cause that’s my record label, and I can do what I want), but the other two are clients that wanted that look.. so they stay. I would say I do like that softer design over a flatter one any day.

    I’m definitely glad no one’s torn any of my coding to shreds. phew


    yeah, unfortunately I think you’re talking about the javascript in the Contact Form… I’m using ASP.NET because I do some contracting with a developer that uses that, so I got into it, blah blah… Anyway, ASP.NET has built in forms and email and other functionality, but I’m learning it’s not very pretty. First, their forms don’t validate, and like you pointed out, they add a bunch of crap in the code. I guess I’ve decided to live with it, for now.


    The place where I work we almost only use ASP.NET when it comes to application platform. It’s not nice markup (everything is inside a form, and it uses XML-like syntaxes on some hidden input-fields) and there’s a lot of issues with non-validateable pages. But when the next version of our CMS is upgraded, it’ll take care of those issues… I hope.

    Comments on

    • Splash screen? Very annoying, and it took some time to load too.[/*:m]
    • There’s something about that "News"-logo that I don’t like. Maybe it reminds me of web design back in ’99 or something.[/*:m]
    • I would like some feedback on the links at the bottom. Why not do the same with them as those on the top-navigation list?[/*:m][/list:u]

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      • How does this page work for screen readers? Have you tested it without javascript (none or old versions) support?[/*:m]
      • The colour contrasts are not satisfying in the infoWin-box. My eyes gets somewhat annoyed when reading it…[/*:m]
      • Usability concern: I didn’t get it, the page’s message, when I entered the page. I saw the Gandhi-quote and didn’t realise it was a music records company at first (even though the url).[/*:m][/list:u]

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        • The "Peace on Demand" logo is quite annoying. Why not make it into styled text and get the content somewhat up?[/*:m]
        • Usability concern: The <title>-tag is named "Virtual Home of Nik Peace and Brian Bogart", but the logo says "One Person Does Make a Difference" – what gives?[/*:m]
        • What’s with the red text at the bottom of the content? I can see when it when I hover, but it’s really crammed up when viewing in a text-browser. How will it affect a mobile device?[/*:m]
        • I’d like it better if the top-menu links had some more "link-feel" to them. As it’s now it’s somewhat annoying when you have to click directly on the text – people have become more used to button-links[/*:m][/list:u]
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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