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    This is the first site I have built using CSS exclusively (still got a lot to learn) but it has been enjoyable working with something new. Having said that IE is pretty much crap when it comes to CSS, if you do not know all of the ins and outs of things (which I do not however I will learn, but I can see why some folks give up on CSS and go back to tables) I did use some Project 7 elevator panels but had to disassemble them and the CSS in order to get them to do what I wanted. I realize the navbar is still fubarred in IE but I have an email off to the author of the javascript (if you can see why it is not working correctly and want to let me know why that would be great also) to see if he can lend some assistance. I also realize that not all of my HTML is valid but the parts that are not are for a reason (experimentation), the lady wanted something calming and soothing and I think that this achieves this, simple and clean (but that is my opinion I could be wrong). But anywho and without further ado I present

    Thanks for feedback and comments.

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    Hmmm… righto then.

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    Im sorry mate, but i think design needs a lot of work, don´t use those colors, try other font and make it smaller. and definitely change that logo, a website not only needs good code, i see you used some javascripts effects, which is good, but think of design and visual appearence, that´s definitely the point.

    # August 22, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    Not a problem I appreciate the honesty, fortunately the client signed off on it (I decided the colors and basic layout except for the tannish color) but they just seemed calming and inviting colors (blues are cooler colors do not invoke the passion nearly as much as the hotter colors I.E. reds, oranges, black). So as long as she is happy I suppose I gotta be as well. I will work on my design but being older than most of you folks here I do not plan to use a lot of darker colors more natural and pastel stuff, but I may try something a bit more passionate on my next try.

    Thanks again.

    # November 10, 2008 at 6:24 pm

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