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    These days I’ve learned to use em instead of px and all the advantages of this unit of measurement.
    Before I start working on a website with Em, I would like to see other sites, for example, using the unit of measurement, but I found no one site that uses em …
    Can you help me, please, to give me at least a site that uses the unit of measurement em?

    Thank you!

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    Here’s one:

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    For what? Fonts? Layout? Media Queries? I prefer rem with px fallback for fonts but otherwise em on my own websites, [here]( and [here](

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    Yes, for fonts (excuse me, I forgot to mention).

    **@TheDoc** & **@CrocoDillon** thank you!

    I looked over the sites I’ve seen and studied how to use em, but can you tell me the benefits of using less em? I mean, yes, I understand, to the pixels that are fixi, em is flexible, so to speak, do not get stuck as pixels, but more specifically what help? Help create a responsive template? If you could give me, please, some more specific examples than.

    P.S. : @CrocoDillon – Why prefer rem? Is better than em or just like you used?

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    >em is flexible

    Nope….not really. It’s still a pixel related value.

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    The reason to use Rems over normal Ems is they, Ems, are tied to the parent. Basically going the rem route keeps you from having to do some hairy math on nested elements.

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    Now i’m a little more clear :)

    Thank’s for answers!

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