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    Hi there! I’m knew to this site, I like coding especially web designing but I’m still a student and don’t know much. But thanks to the internet I get along in a way…

    I wish to build up a website of my own, so I’ve created a layout (1024X768) with photoshop and it is looking pretty nice. But now my problem is that I want to build the layout possibly to be compatible for all browsers and looks good in any resolution.

    OK, now this might be impossible but I guess there is some way close. Please can someone guide me which method shall I choose to start coding the CSS for my layout with the sliced images, to make the site able to look fine in various browsers and resolutions.

    One thing that I did is: using divs for each slice/image and place the div with a fixed position and for resolution compatibility I set the width and height using percentages. This worked but something is not right …

    Any help will be appreciated, and please if you refer me to a guide please state why you think this guide’s method is OK. I might have already looked at the guide but due to my “which one is best and fits for my layout” I still haven’t choose the right one.

    below is a link for the image of my layout.

    A quick description of the layout:
    First columns
    – left-top corner logo
    – below navigation area
    Second column:
    – top black area – header (will be used for quick details and shortcuts)
    – below is the main area. In the white box will be placed the content

    – bottom of the page is the footer surrounded with the yellow pipe.

    – the gray boxes are for future advertisements (if there ever will be XD)


    As far as i know the optimal pixels for a layout is 960px. Even 1024px is fine IMO.
    First what you need to do is write a good markup in html and then add a css.


    First, if you are experiencing differences in the look between browsers, do a browser reset. I am not sure 960px is as popular as it once was. Supperman is right with suggesting 1024px.


    960px is still the most popular choice. Make sure your design works at that width.

    If you want to create a site that can work at 960px and above, that’s fine, just make sure 960px still works.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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