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    Hi: Newbie here. I joined because this forum kept coming up as I googled various questions. So hopefully someone can address my question!

    I’m doing my first responsive site. Still fooling with design details, etc. but have a working homepage viewable at:

    Page is working (seemingly) well when I widen/narrow browser windows in FF, Safari and Chrome. Have to add a script for IE8, don’t worry about that. I have 3 versions of the page – wide, mid, small – and they’re kicking in fine. iPad works fine and reflows when I change orientation.

    Then I went to Opera Mobile Emulator and started testing. Things look fine in most of the options, but not all. (I’m not trying to go below 320px so didn’t try anything smaller than 320 wide.) Some Nokias were fine, some not. Ditto a few others. The ones that didn’t seem to work all did the same thing: they appeared to be showing the desktop version of the site (3 columns, etc.) rather than the one-column version. I don’t know if the “non-working” devices are older? Don’t know if I should worry? Wondered if there’s another polyfill or script or something that I should be using that addresses this?

    Read debates about whether to use the viewport meta tag, which I am, but I’m not using the “initial:1” part. I did have it originally but then ipad wouldn’t reflow when I changed orientation. Also, removing the “initial:1” part didn’t change the emulator results.

    Is this normal? Common? All my fault? Is there a solution?

    Thanks for any help!



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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