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    I’ve been a huge fan of css-tricks for many years.

    I’m coming here to look for advice on a career path, specifically finding a focus which it seems many employers want these days vs a general ‘web guy’.

    I’ve been the (dreaded) jack of all trades for close to 10 years now doing anything from design to development from static html to WordPress and every oddball CMS in-between.

    I think I want to focus on design but feel the money is really more in development. I don’t think being a straight up designer is reasonable in terms of long term career growth and earnings.

    Is it possible to earn a decent living in the design half of the web world or should I just continue to try and have a 75% grasp on all areas of design / development?

    I just feel I need a focus/passion to be competitive but maybe I’m just over thinking things.

    It’s just such a wide arena of skills to be a master of all, design, css, html, php, sass, compass, js, jquery, WordPresss, you name it…

    Just looking for some good stories of how you found your true focus and really honed in, made money and became successful. I feel a bit like I’m spinning my wheels trying to learn everything at once.

    Thanks for any ideas, advice or life stories.


    Hello, thank you for the reply… I agree, I wasn’t very specific.

    First off, when you say the money isn’t there, what kind of money are you talking about?

    In my area of the world, the midwest, if you were to be hired at a company pumping out designs and basic HTML, the pay is around $30-45,000/yr. Web Developers generally $50-75,000.

    Secondly, what are you planning on doing? Working for someone? Starting your own thing? Working in a big company like Google? Or small start ups doing cutting edge stuff?

    I’m probably an oddball but I do enjoy working at a company, having started in that and now in the freelance/contract world, I’m eager to get back into the office. Generally, I’m interested in established companies.

    Lastly, in terms of actual earning potential, I think that the most money is really in marketing.

    Can you explain what you mean here please?



    Thanks for the replies again.

    I have to admit, reading job descriptions has got me a little down, if everyone has these skill sets I must be behind!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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