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    Can anyone tell me what IE6 & 7 are doing to this page:

    It’s supposed to be a simple two column float layout where the page is split by a full width div across the middle. The two column bit starts again below the split. It all works fine in FF/Chrome/Safari et al, and even in IE8, but in IE6 & 7 the bottom right div seems to float vertically up the page and crashes thru the full width div in the middle.

    If the top right div is as long or longer than the top left div it all works just fine and the bottom right sits neatly below the full width div even in IE6/7.

    This problem has been driving me nuts – I’m sure it’s down to some documented IE bug but I can’t figure out which one or find a fix. The page I’ve given has been boiled down to pretty much the minimum to show the bug so the Eric Meyer CSS reset stuff I normally use is missing but it’s made no difference anyway.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


    I’m not sure why it’s doing it, but this clear-float should fix it:

    Also, have a look at this

    P.S. Your page isn’t validating. I don’t think it’s causing the problems, but it’s better to validate and be sure when dealing with IE problems.


    Now that’s neat. I didn’t think of going unfloated but you’re right – it works a treat. There’s a fixed/fudged version here: (How DO you put links in – more posts?)

    I’ve also fixed that validation error – it was moaning about a missing <title> tag in the <head> – didn’t affect the problem.

    Must admit I’m not wild about sticking an extra <div> just for &(**&y IE but it is the most reliable solution. I had a little play with unfloating the full width div itself – it fixed the initial problem but introduced differences between the full width and half width divs in terms of collapsed/uncollapsed margins. I’ll stick with the extra markup for now and enjoy consistent margins!

    Thanks for your help jamy_za.


    It’s my pleasure :)

    You could use the clearfix method to avoid extra markup.

    The forum textarea accepts html. So a link would be <a href=””>link text here</a>

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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