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    I’m using FireFox, I’m trying to drag a draggable element but it turns into a “No” sign. What triggers a “No” sign in Firefox?

    I’m sorry I can’t give a link as it’s on a private server.


    As far as I know, it just means that when you release the element at the point you’re holding it at that moment, nothing will happen, because you can’t drop it at that point.

    For example, try dragging the CSS-Tricks logo around your browser window. You will see that you can’t release it anywhere but in a few spots. You can drop it in this text box, or on your desktop, or even the location bar of your browser.


    Hmm… I see. Yes, if you drag the logo it behaves the exact same way.

    What confuses me though is that I can drag it once, but from then on It behaves with the No sign. Unless I click on some other part of the page. Would there be a reason for that?


    When you drag it the first time are you highlighting text (or anything) at the same time?
    If you drag again with anything highlighted your drop points become limited. Clicking away resets your selection.


    Great question clokey2k. After clearing nearly everything off the page to be sure, nope, its not highlighting anything. no &nbsp ;’s either.

    I forgot to also say that this is a FF only problem.


    After trying it out in safari to find a clue, I found that when I dragged, the cursor turned into text highlight symbol. I then realized I SHOULD have had an &nbsp ; in there (There was one in there earlier but I removed it thinking it was useless). That way the browser thinks I’m highlighting text and not dragging an image and therefore doesn’t give me the “No” sign. It’s weird how things works out like that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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