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    Not sure if this is possible, so running it by you guys to see if you’ve seen any working examples.

    I use a bit of jscript on my site that detects the browser width, and assigns a different class based on a threshold (ie a ‘narrow’ version of the site and a ‘wide’ version). On the narrow version, I use a width of 100% and therefore putting my menu on a fixed position binds it to the side of the browser. On the wide version, I have a wrapper of a set pixel size using the margin: 0 auto; method, but I can’t get the menu to bind to the side of the wrapper.

    At the moment I have it so widescreen monitors get an absolute positioned menu, while the narrow versions get the fixed. If you want to see what I mean go to and un-maximise your browser, resize so it’s say 900px wide and hit refresh and the different mode should kick in.

    Its not the end of the world if I can’t fix this, but I prefer the fixed menu system personally and know a lot of users won’t see it right now.



    This might make it easier. Don’t use javascript for this sort of thing. You can use CSS to do it (although it doesn’t work on IE, nothing ever does.) They’re called “Resolution Specific Stylesheets”.

    BUT. If you’re adamant about using Java for it, go ahead, you’ll basically get the same result. Here is a link on how to do both, a bit more dynamically then you’re doing it.


    Cheers man, I’ll take a look through that and see if it helps out at all. I’m not convinced that the issue is due to it being a JS call though, more the fact that I’m having difficulties with telling the fixed element where it should be fixed to, but maybe switching to CSS might give me an alternative approach.


    Eric, you’re a star. Hadn’t considered using the margin-left, and it’s worked perfectly in a single command! Much appreciated.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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